Establishing verification on BetGra

Do you run a betting consultancy or would you like to start? Do you believe in the quality of your tips and want to offer them to the public? Get together with BetGra! We've been on the betting market for several years and we've successfully collaborated with tens of verified tipsters. We'll help you distribute your tips, provide flawless customer service and take care of marketing or legal matters so that you can focus on the most important things: quality and profitable tips.

We're a strong partner

BetGra entered the global market in 2021. In the Czech Republic, we've been operating under the name Sport Break since 2019, and we are the most significant verification in the country. More than 500 clients and 100 tipsters have used our service.

No worries

We manage the distribution of tips, legal matters, marketing, and communication with customers, so we save your time and energy.

Detailed stats

Each tipster has its own profile monitoring its activity and results in detail. It's never been easier to engage new clients.


We're fair, and the satisfaction of our clients and tipsters is essential for us. We offer the best possible conditions for further growth to each tipster.

I already have clients as a tipster, is it possible to transfer them?

Yes, you can transfer your existing clients to BetGra. We'll charge only a minimum commission to ensure the maintenance of our website. See the terms and conditions at this link for more details.

What are the most frequently asked questions?

The answers below contain detailed information about running a betting consultancy on the BetGra platform. The aim of the project is to provide clients with tips from quality and fair bettors. That is why we require the utmost professionalism and transparency from every tipster.

Can I establish a tipster profile if I am under 18?

No. Our entire platform is intended for users who are at least 18 years old.

What sports can be verified on BetGra?

Basically all sports offered by bookmakers, including football, hockey, tennis, basketball, American football, athletics, Australian football, baseball, combat sports, boxing, cycling, horse racing, esports, floorball, futsal, golf, handball, cricket, motorsports, beach football, beach volleyball, flat track, rugby, social betting, table tennis, chess, darts, volleyball, and winter sports.

What bookmakers can I use to verify my tips?

To protect clients, we require tipsters to use legally available bookmakers. In addition, the tipsters have to publish all their tips with actual odds.

What are the fees and commissions for verification management?

As for commissions from payments settled through our platform, each tipster has its individual terms and conditions. The standard start-up commission is 40% (the tipster gets 60%). When transferring existing customers, the commission percentage is individual. It can reach up to 10% (the service gets 90%).

Is it possible to transfer the history from my existing verification to the BetGra platform?

If the verification is reputable, we are willing to transfer the history of the last 3 months. The evaluation is always individual.

Can I offer my tips without a trade license?

Yes, you can establish verification as a natural person. However, you'll need a trade license as soon as you fulfill the characteristics of a business. The easiest option is to register with a trade license. If you work full-time, there are almost no costs.

As a tipster registered at BetGra, do I have any obligations?

Yes. To be able to sell membership, you need 10 or more tickets per month. This obligation is stated in our terms and conditions. You also have to fill in the information about the seller.

Why does my service still have a 0 ranking?

To maintain the quality of the top places, only tipsters with more than 25 tips are displayed in our table showing positive or negative ranking.

Can I also add accumulator tickets?

Yes, it is possible to add accumulator tickets. However, if you add high odds tickets regularly, we will probably contact you to discuss your betting style to protect customers. We don't support gambling, reckless hitting high odds and increasing stakes.

How does submitting matches work?

You have to submit the tip at least 5 minutes before the start of the match. After that, it's necessary to fill in all mandatory fields: sport, date, time, teams, league or event, tip, odds, bookmaker, stake, and a link to the page with match results.

What about stakes on individual tips / tickets?

On our platform, you can submit tips with confidence from 1 to 10 units. The maximum possible stake for 1 match is 20 units. The only exceptions are motorsport races, horse races, and one-time events.

I made a mistake in the tip, and I can't correct it. What shall I do?

The best solution is to send a notification to your clients immediately, inform them of the mistake, and the correction . Then contact us and ask us to fix it in the system. The fastest way is our online chat.

How are my clients going to receive tips?

Tips published at the BetGra platform are sent to the Telegram app and email. In addition, clients can find all their bets in the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

When can I get my commission, and what is the minimum amount to be paid?

The minimum amount to be paid is EUR 200. It's a monthly payment; it means it is always paid for the past period. After the end of the month, we always send the payment by the 15th day of the following month. You can find more detailed information in the Service Terms and Conditions.

What happens if the tipster is found to be fraudulent?

If we discover fraudulent behavior of a seller, all profits will be removed and, in most cases, returned to the buyers.

Can I have my own clients and use BetGra as a bonus to my services?

Yes, we don't force any tipster to transfer its clientele to BetGra. Our platform works as a verification; as a bonus, it can provide sending tips, marketing, and clientele.

Where can I solve an urgent problem?

The fastest way is to contact our online support or email us.

Do you have other questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us on the online chat.