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Get in touch with the leaders in the field of betting consultancy! At BetGra verification, there’s a community of the best bettors from all over the world. Get advice from real professionals and start earning money with sports betting. Choose from a wide range of verified services and get started.

Tipster statistics

BetGra in numbers

We entered the global market in 2021. We believe that thanks to fair and hard work, BetGra will become a leading verification service. The number of services, users and tips keeps increasing every day. So join us now; it's going to be a wild ride!

48 tipsters

On BetGra, you can find profitable long-term tipsters from all over the world. Moreover, you can rely on detailed verification of the results.

6454 tips

BetGra is based on quality tips from professionals. Get inspired by the best.

641 users

We value every user and want to offer them full service. That's one of the reasons for the growth of our clientele.

0 active tips

Each service has its own strategy. BetGra provides tips on virtually all sports, from football to esports.


That's the profit of the top 10 tipsterson BetGra. Most tipsters have green numbers on an everyday basis.

The best verified tipsters

We unite the best bettors from around the world and verify their results. You can find an overview of our best tipsters with their overall results and yield in the table below. They are not at the top of the rankings by chance; they are successful on a long-term basis. To compare the services, we use our unique BetGra ranking, which considers factors such as valuation, number of tips, or profitable bets.

How does it work?

BetGra is intended for those who want to earn money by betting. The platform is easy to use by anyone, whether they're new to betting or a seasoned veteran.

Choosing a tipster

Detailed statistics are available for each tipster we offer. In addition to the success rate, you can see all their past tips and results. So it's easy to check if the service suits you considering the type of sports you bet on, the bookmakers they use, and the number of tips.

Purchasing a membership

Have you chosen a tipster? All you have to do now is select the length of your membership (7, 30, or 90 days), pay using one of the many supported payment methods, and you'll be able to access your tips immediately. The price of each tipster is individual and based on its long-term success rate.

Winning Tips

There are several ways to access the tips you've purchased. All your tips are available directly in your BetGra account. However, we'll send them to your email, and you can get them on your mobile via the Telegram app. Linking your account to Telegram is free, it's quick, and it guarantees you'll learn about tips within seconds after they are published.

Our clients

Since the very beginning, BetGra has been used by clients with various professions and interests. Some consider betting a valuable addition to their regular income; for others, it means a long-term investment with great yield. We strive to offer every client the best possible service and to deal with any potential issues immediately.

Miroslav Š.

Miroslav Š.

26 years, Assembly worker (Czechia)

I've been a Sportbreak customer for about a year now, and I have to say that I'm a satisfied customer, specifically of Accos service. SportBreak provides verification of Tipsters and separates the wheat from the chaff for you. Don't be afraid to contact support with any questions, the guys are very helpful.

Ján R.

Ján R.

30 years, Business Representative (Slovakia)

I've been with SportBreak since November 2021. I've been through several tipsters and have found my favorites that I'm loyal to. I have to highlight SportBreak as the perfect platform to verify tipsters and earn money!

Jan O.

Jan O.

35 years, Business Representative (Czechia)

I have been with SportBreak for almost a year now. In that time I have tried several services and all of them have been in the positive numbers overall. It is imperative to review each service's history and betting style so you know what you are getting into. As a whole, I definitely recommend it.

Answers to FAQ

Do you need help? We've made a list of answers to frequently asked questions below. Do you have a less common one? Feel free to contact us; our assistants will be happy to answer all your questions.

Why should I use BetGra?

Top professional bettors from all over the world verify at BetGra. We pride ourselves on transparency and fairness, and all tipster statistics are publicly available and carefully monitored.

We want tipsters to use actual odds to avoid distorting the overall results. Therefore, besides verifying tips, we also provide help and assistance to individual tipsters and ensure fast and reliable delivery of their tips to the clients.

Which bookmakers should I use for betting?

Within every tip, all tipsters are obliged to indicate the bookmaker where the clients can bet. In the details of each tipster , you will find their most commonly used bookmakers. We recommend having an account with as many of them as possible simultaneously; it will allow you to bet on individual tips at the best possible odds.

How many tips do I get as part of my membership?

We require at least ten tickets per month from each service. However, the numbers are usually much higher; it depends on the betting style of the particular consultancy and the current offer.

Can I purchase multiple services at the same time?

Yes, it's possible. Many of our clients' portfolios consist of multiple tipsters.

Do you have other questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us on the online chat.

Other FAQs

What's new here?

The world of betting is constantly changing, and BetGra wants to keep up. In the articles below, you can find all the relevant news and announcements regarding individual tipsters, the entire platform, and betting in general.