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How to navigate the statistics of Tipsters for BetGra verification?

06.10.2023 20:00

Statistics are one of the key elements when choosing the right Tipster. That is why BetGra brings you a vast amount of them, starting from evaluations, to profitability in individual months. In this article, we will explain how to navigate these statistics.


Basic Sorting – BetGra Ranking

You can find basic statistics already in the list of verified tipsters (tab "Tipster Statistics", in the left menu, third from the top). In these statistics, you will find out how many tips the betting service has verified on BetGra, what its profit is for the last 30 days, its total profit (from the start of verification), tip success rate, return on investment, and the number of active tips.

In the basic listing, you will find all verified tipsters sorted by the so-called BetGra ranking, which evaluates the services according to a special algorithm from the best to the worst. The BetGra ranking takes into account the number of tips, profit, and the return on investment of betting services. On the other hand, it does not include, for example, the speed of odds drops or the size of the markets bet on, which is also very important, but one has to monitor this on their own.


Filters in the list of verified tipsters

Since there are many betting services on BetGra, the basic listing contains several filters. Thanks to them, you can search for betting services according to your own preferences. The basic filters on BetGra include:

  • Filter by Language
  • Filter by Sport
  • Filter by Number of Tickets
  • Filter by Last Activity
  • Filter by Betting Shop


Filter by Language

The service language tells you which market the betting service targets. For instance, if you bet in UK, you use slightly different betting offices than Germany, so you should choose a UK betting service.


Filter by Sport

If, in addition to interesting earnings from betting, you also want excitement and the joy of cheering, filter the sport that suits you best. The list will then show you the best betting services dedicated to that particular sport.


Filter by Number of Tickets

In general, the more tips a tipster has verified, the more accurate its statistics are. Anything can happen within 50 tips - someone who doesn't understand betting at all can achieve an incredible profit, while a person who is a complete professional in betting can experience an unpleasant loss. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on betting services with at least 200 verified tips, ideally then with 500 verified tips (unless it is tipster providing multiple packages, which together make up the aforementioned 500 tips).


Filter by Last Activity

Thanks to this filter, you can find betting services that are currently active or have been active in, for example, the last year. We require betting services to post at least 10 tips a month. If they don't meet this condition, they are considered "asleep", i.e., inactive and marked with a "clock" symbol. Do not attempt to buy these betting services.


Filter by Betting Shop

If you don't have access to all the bookmakers in the market but only one or two selected ones, we recommend paying attention to this filter. Using it, you can set the bookmakers you have access to, and the results will only show tipsters using that particular bookmaker. When you click on a tipster, you can also get information about the proportion of tips a particular bookmaker represents in the portfolio of the selected tipster. This information can be found in the pie chart located just below the service description - in the middle. It probably goes without saying that the higher the proportion of a particular bookmakers, the more tips you will have available to bet on!


Filters in the List of Betting Services – Ideal Settings

In our ideal settings for basic betting service filters on BetGra, there will be at least 200+ (or possibly 500+) tips. Because we don't really care which bets we will profit from, i.e., which sports we will bet on, and since we have access to all bookmakers, we leave the other fields empty. Bettors with limited bookmakers options should definitely choose their own.


Statistics for Selected Verified Tipsters

When you click on a betting service, other interesting statistics pop up, such as the success rate of tips, profitability development on a given day and month, or the most commonly tipped sports. Here we wouldn't get too lost in the details (again, we don't really care which sports and which betting offices we bet on, the key for us is profit), and we would recommend paying attention only to the average odds, profit in a particular sport, statistics in individual months, and tip history. We'll explain below why these data are important.


Average Odds

The average odds tell you what odds the tipster is used to bet on. The higher the average odds, the more cautious your bankroll management should be, because there's a higher probability of hitting a losing streak. Conversely, the lower the average odds, the riskier your bankroll management can be and the more you can bet on individual wagers. Most professional tipsters choose odds around 2.00.


Profit in a Particular Sport

Many betting services bet on several sports at once, but some might be more successful in certain sports. There are verified tipsters that have excellent performance but also provide tips for sports in which they can't make a profit. The loss from these tips is then balanced by absolutely fantastic results elsewhere. If you come across such a tipster, you don't have to dismiss them right away. Just focus on their strengths and simply don't bet on sports where they're not doing well.


Statistics in Individual Months

Statistics in individual months can reveal how stable a tipster is and what chance you have of making a profit after purchasing a monthly package. The more profitable months a service has, the better. Monthly statistics can also suggest if the overall results are skewed by just one great hit (a win with high odds).Once you see that a service is losing most of the time but won in just a couple of months due to a few lucky tips, you probably shouldn't trust them.


Tip History

This area is crucial for us. From the tip history, you can deduce almost everything, but by far the most important is the type of betting market, i.e., its size and consequently its stability. On smaller markets, much higher appreciation can be achieved, but odds are unstable and can drop within seconds. Therefore, they won't allow you to bet at a favorable price, which can ruin your actual appreciation and profit. On the other hand, larger markets generally bring lower appreciation, but odds are stable, allowing you to bet at the right price even minutes after the tip is provided. This way, you are much more likely to achieve the displayed ROI.


Small Markets - Example

  • Number of aces in tennis
  • Number of cards in football
  • Number of ejections in hockey


Large Markets – Example

  • Match outcome (1X2)
  • Number of goals (over/under)


How to Navigate Service Statistics on BetGra – Conclusion

BetGra's betting consultancy offers a large number of different statistics and options to sort betting services according to your preferences. If you want to benefit from sports betting, we recommend you to use them to the fullest!


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