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10bet Review 2023

08.10.2023 13:30


Basic Informations

Operating since 2003, 10bet's two-decade presence in the industry has firmly established its brand. It is owned by Ocean Tree Limited and operated by Blue Star Planet Limited. The brand boasts licenses from Malta and the UK, along with regional ones in Ireland and Sweden. The 10bet Sportsbook's engine is powered by the formidable SBTech, a beacon for top-tier sports betting operators.

The platform's popularity stems from its comprehensive offerings: over 2,000 markets across more than 40 sports, a staggering 25,000+ live events monthly, and round-the-clock responsive customer service. Both their user-friendly website and sleek mobile app feature the attractive 10bet Bonus.

For an unparalleled sports betting and casino experience, our 10bet evaluation provides essential insights.

10bet facilitates wagers across an array of sports, ranging from the globally renowned Football and Basketball to niche games like Table Tennis. Tools like the Bet Calculator and the Sports Stats platform assist bettors in making informed decisions. Although live streaming options are limited, selective events, like certain Bundesliga matches, are available. The Bet Builder and Cash Out features provide flexibility in betting, though it's worth noting some restrictions.

10bet Sportsbook's Add2Bet feature, a variation of Edit Bet, is notable. It allows users to include new selections in their ongoing bets. Plus, bettors have plenty of betting options thanks to alternative handicaps and unique markets.

Additionally, with a minimum bet stake as low as £0.10 and varying maximums, 10bet caters to both occasional and big-time punters.


Fixed-Odds Segment

10bet's pre-match section is exhaustive, covering events from the NFL and Champions League to Volleyball. Especially in football, they offer bets on top leagues and prestigious UEFA tournaments. Multiple betting markets are available, with Football maintaining a payout of over 94%.

For basketball enthusiasts, major leagues like the NBA are extensively covered, with various market payouts. Tennis fans can anticipate challenges from Grand Slams, with 10bet offering competitive payouts.


Live Betting Feature

Our assessment of 10bet delves into its live betting platform, showcasing 25,000+ events monthly. Payout percentages fluctuate based on the stature of the sports events. They offer Fast Markets for leading events, though live streaming is restricted. With over 90 live betting markets, the Live Betting Stats Platform is a valuable asset for in-play enthusiasts.


Additional Details

10bet provides access in both English and Swedish, offering 24/7 support. Their mobile app is optimized for all devices, ensuring a smooth betting experience. Regarding transactions, various deposit and withdrawal methods are available without additional charges. Notably, 10bet has a high winning ceiling, set at £100,000.00 or its equivalent.




1️⃣ Is 10bet trustworthy?

Absolutely. 10bet's longevity in the industry and partnerships with entities like Blackburn Rovers and West Bromwich Albion attest to its reliability.


2️⃣ Which countries cannot access 10bet?

10bet primarily serves countries like the UK, Ireland, and Sweden. However, several countries, including the USA, Australia, and parts of Asia and Africa, have restrictions.


3️⃣ Does 10bet offer a mobile app?

Yes. 10bet's modern mobile app, available on major app stores, provides a seamless user experience, as detailed in our comprehensive review.

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