What is Betting Verification and Why is it Good to Only Bet With It? MANUALS

What is Betting Verification and Why is it Good to Only Bet With It?

30.09.2023 12:30

Betting verification, verification servers, betting advice, and so on. These are terms you encounter frequently on our website because that's what BetGra is all about. If you've never heard of the terms, or aren't quite sure what they mean, you might find this introduction to our work useful. Let's clarify what bet verification is, how bet verification works, what its benefits are for average bettors, and answer other questions associated with this topic.


What is Betting Verification?

Betting verification is an impartial service that connects betting services and potential customers. The key function of this service is to verify the tips provided by the betting services. Betting verification collects all tips submitted by these services and ensures their correct evaluation. We then create detailed statistics from them, based on which customers can then decide whether to make a purchase.

The verification server monitors betting services and their conduct towards customers and acts as a guarantor of the quality, or rather the accuracy, of the stated results. Betting verification ensures that betting services are honest not only during their presentation but also when delivering tips.


How Does Betting Verification Work?

Betting verification provides an environment where operators of betting services can add tips. These tips are immutable and betting verification itself evaluates them to ensure accurate results. Subsequently, comprehensive statistics are compiled from the tips, which bettors can then sift through and decide whether the services of a given betting service might be profitable. Among these statistics are:

  • Number of verified tips
  • Number of wins / losses / voids
  • Average bet amount
  • Average odds of tips
  • Total profit from recorded tips
  • Sports bet on
  • Used bookmakers
  • Profit by sport
  • History of submitted tips
  • Clear graphs of profit developments by individual days and months


What are the Benefits of Betting Verification for an Average Bettor?

Since the market for paid betting tips is not regulated in any way, betting verification is crucial for potential customers. Betting verification ensures the accuracy of the provided tips and statistics. The results of betting services are therefore genuinely verifiable – you can rely on not being deceived or just having money extracted from you.

BetGra protects you in this manner from various fraudsters who deceive you with fictitious numbers, manipulated tickets, and other clever techniques.


What Else Does BetGra's Verification Offer?

While tip verification is the most important, it's not the only beneficial service provided by the verification server. Professional betting verification also takes care of other ancillary services to make the situation as pleasant as possible for potential customers. Additional services of BetGra include:

  • Secure payments
  • 24/7 support
  • Education in the field of betting and tip purchasing
  • Guides and blogs
  • Well-designed website


Why Not Trust Unverified Betting Services?

Basically, it can be said that unverified betting services are fraudulent in the vast majority of cases. Betting verification is readily available online, its tip recording and evaluation service is offered to all betting services for free, and they can thus easily lend credibility to their results. Besides, they can easily monetize their tips through the verification server. Apart from fraud, there are not many other reasons why a betting service with honest intentions should not obtain bet verification.


BetGra's Betting Verification – All Great Features in One Place

BetGra's betting verification is currently professional betting verification on the worldwide market. If you want peace of mind and don't want to deal with trivialities like honorable intentions, truthful statistics, or offered sports and quick delivery of betting services' tips, then entrust us. We believe you won't be disappointed and will earn some extra cash through betting.


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